Building Engineer

We are in search of an experienced Building Engineer for a position that is located in a first class, Biotech facility at a flagship property. This individual will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of all building systems, operate the building in an efficient manner, and perform a variety of tenant services while maintaining positive tenant relations in accordance with the Company's established operational and safety procedures. In addition, the Building Engineer must possess an MD 1st Class Stationary Engineer's License, or have the ability to obtain one.
Job Responsibilities and Duties:
The Building Engineer is responsible for operating and maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment used to provide heat, air conditioning, and hot water for the building. In addition to operating building equipment, the Engineer will provide maintenance and repair services.
Responsible for operating, monitoring and maintaining of boilers, water chillers, heaters, circulating pumps, induction units, auxiliaries, frequency drives, rooftop AHU's, central chiller plants, building automation systems, and other equipment in the building; checks all mechanical/electrical equipment, controls, gauges, distribution panels, valves, and other components to assure continuous heat, hot water, air conditioning, and power services; and ensures the plant is operating safely and efficiently.
Performs preventative maintenance duties as directed such as: filtration system, greasing and oiling of motors, gears, etc., light fixture bulb, inspection, related building fixtures and equipment repairs.
Will be expected to maintain the cleanliness of boiler rooms, switch gear rooms, and tower areas. This includes painting, surface sealing, and other duties necessitated for decent appearance of work areas, including lavatories.
Periodically inspects building and equipment to determine necessary preventative maintenance needed, notes malfunctioning equipment, building cleanliness, and consults with the Chief Engineer regarding such conditions.
Will perform the physical duties required to correct emergency conditions such as sewer back-ups, water flooding into building office space, and related incidents. Physical duties not only entail corrective action but include cleaning up during and after the condition is resolved if such situation takes place other than the period in which custodial service employees are available.
equired to perform other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:
Must be on-call for a week, every 6 weeks.
Must have or have the ability to obtain a MD 1st Class Stationary Engineer's License.
Required to climb ladder, lift 15 lbs, some manual dexterity to hold and use hand tools.

Tenant satisfaction is a must.
Must posess a willingness to assist with all phases of building maintenance and operations.
Siemens Apogee experience desired.
Biotech facility experience desired.

Don't Be Fooled

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