Research Associate

Employer: Capital Biosciences, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
: Research Associate
duties and responsibilities:
Set-up, operate, clean, maintain and troubleshoot laboratory instrument and equipment to conduct and monitor experiments, make observations, and calculate results;
Gather, isolate, identify and prepare samples of substances, such as blood, cell and tissue cultures for laboratory analysis, and maintain cell and tissue culture products and cell and tissue bank;
Conduct standardized and complex biological tests and experiments, including molecular cloning, real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), primary cells isolation from tissue or blood;
Assist biological scientists to perform various assays, including Telomere Maintenance Mechanism assays such as ALT specific C-circle detection and precise quantity detection of telomeras activity (Houdini assay); Perform construction and packaging of viral vectors such as miRNA Lentivirus, siRNA-Lenti, and siLenti-EGFP vectors under the supervision of biological scientists;
Keep detailed logs of all work-related activities, document all procedures and observations, and complete experimental records and technical reports that summarize the findings;
Analyze experimental data and interpret results under the supervision of biological and medical scientists; Clean and maintain work areas, and order and manage routine laboratory supplies and reagents;
Use computer-interfaced equipment, advanced robotics, and specialized
software to collect, analyze, and record experimental data and results;
Use analytical and/or scientific s/w (BD Biosciences CellQuest, Gene Codes Sequencher, PolyBayes, Systat Software Table Curve), database user interface & query s/w (MS Access, Thomson EndNote), graphics and/or photo imaging s/w (Adobe Photoshop; Harvard Graphics, MS PowerPoint), spreadsheet s/w (IBM Lotus 1-2-3; MS Excel), word processing s/w (MS Word, Corel WordPerfect);
Use various tools and equipment, including Deoxyribonucleic sequence analyzers (DNA sequencers & analysis systems), manual and/or electronic hematology differential cell counters (automated cell counters, coulter counters, hematology cell counters), robotic and automated liquid handling systems (automatic pipetters, liquid handling robots, robotic laboratory equipment), spectrofluorimeters and/or fluorimeters, temperature cycling chambers and/or thermal cyclers (PCR equipment & thermocyclers, Real-Time PCR thermocyclers).
Required experience/education: at least 6 months of proven relevant laboratory experience. Master's in Biology or related.
Knowledge/skills required:
Demonstrated working knowledge of scientific principles, including those used in biological, microbiological, bacteriological and biochemical studies;
Strong ability to conduct scientific experiments and analyses with accuracy and precision, and clearly communicate the findings in written reports using specialized computer software;
Profound ability to set up, operate and adjust sophisticated computer-interfaced equipment and advanced robotics to ensure that experiments are conducted properly;
Proficiency with PCR equipment & thermocyclers, Real-Time PCR thermocyclers, etc.
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